Mobile rotary log debarker

Mobile rotary log debarker is a portable system is designed to debark various types and diameters of wood year-round.



Aciers JP in Ukraine !

After 45 days at sea our debarker is running in Ukraine!

After some small adjustments and training for the new owners, the debarker is working at its full pace.

It is a big success! New sales expected soon.

Debarker in action!

Operators in front of debarker.

Setting up and running!


From Acier JP to the other side of the world !

Acier JP is in Industrie & commerce's magazine. An excellent article to get to know us.

You can read the whole article here: Industrie & commerce.


Global Wood Distribution

Sale in Ukraine a portable rotary debarker.


Huber Eng. Woods

Dryers, cyclone and screens support structure.
Strand conveyor support.


Dump station and sheave deck

Dump station and sheave deck.
Fabrication of structural steel support for hoist.
Ventilation ducting, tanks and miscellaneous fabrication.


LP Houlton Maine (2006-2007)

Fabrication and design of the log handling and conditioning system, for the new OSL line, self cleaning step feeder, structural steel package and conveyors.


Agnico-Eagle Lapa (2008)

Fabrication and installation of idler conveyors, chutes and grizzly for the crusher system.


U.S. manufacturing

Over the past few years, we have had the opportunity to design equipment for a few American companies.

This opportunity has resulted in a larger client base and has helped us overcome the current crisis befalling Canada's forest industry. 



We participated in the construction of a second production line for Grant Forest Products of Timmins, Ontario.

Due to the quality of our work, we were invited to take part in a large multi-million US dollar project for this same company in North Carolina.